Want to start producing music right from your iPhone? Whether you’re a serious, experienced music producer or a novice interested in trying out music production for fun, there are options for you to download on your iPhone. Many of those options are either affordable or free, allowing just about anyone who’s interested to try out mobile music production technology. Whether you’re looking to download a music production app for the first time or are looking to try out a different app than the one you’re currently using, below you’ll find some top music production app recommendations:


Price: $6.99

NanoStudio has ultra-high customer reviews and is one of the most popular app choices available. For the price, this app can do a lot in comparison to other options. You can make beats with up to six instruments. Plus, it offers wave editing tools, a mixer, analogue synths, sample trigger pads, and a sequencer with 64 tracks. You can also copy and paste audio files right from the app and drag them into other compatible apps.


Price: $4.99

GarageBand was created by Apple, so it works almost flawlessly on iPhones. If you already have GarageBand on your Mac, this app will sync up to your work there and allow for some extra music production flexibility. GarageBand lets you produce tracks with its built-in piano, guitar, organ, and drums and record vocals right from your phone. This is definitely a user-friendly, time-tested app, but it doesn’t offer all of the features some other music production apps do.

Auxy Music Studio

Price: Free

Auxy Music Studio is fairly new to the iPhone game, but it’s already attracting a lot of users due to its simplicity of design, high sound quality features, and numerous options for making beats. Once you get the hang of the basic Auxy features (which doesn’t take very long), you’ll find that the options for making new melodies and beats are practically endless.


Price: Free

It’s not really a surprise that Figure is an App Store Hall of Fame Inductee. You don’t have to pay for it. You can make beats using its built-in bass, drums, and lead synthesizer. And it makes it super easy to collaborate with friends or colleagues who are using the app too. Figure is definitely worth a download, even if you’re experimenting with other options.


Price: Free

You can make music with the 20 built-in instruments that come with Beatwave, and all you have to do is tap your screen and select options to do it. This app also makes it easy to share beats and melodies on Facebook and Twitter. Plus, it allows you to layer up to four instruments at once to create some of the coolest sounding music imaginable.


Price: $8.99

ThumbJam has 40 musical instruments you can experiment with to make music. Plus, it comes with over a hundred scales you can try out to make music in different styles. This is a great app for both beginners and more experienced music production enthusiasts.


Price: $9.99

Instead of instruments, this app comes with 14 different built-in synthesizer machines. Caustic also makes it super easy to import the files you create to iTunes and other programs that support WAV files. The sound quality on this app is also top-of-the-line.


Price: Free

This app is marketed to be used by everyone, from toddlers to professional music producers. It has fifteen “soundboards” for you to choose from to make music by tapping on colored tiles. It’s one of the easiest music production apps to use, but the fact that it doesn’t come with any instruments or synthesizers can be a downside because you’re stuck with what you can do on the soundboards.

 Moog Filatron

Price: $6.99

What makes Filatron stand out is that you can run a sound through the app and create your own musical instrument. The possibilities for innovation with this feature are endless. This app also features a built-in oscillator, easy file sharing, and FX modules that allow for extra nuance of sound. Unfortunately, this app doesn’t work with iPhone 6s models yet.


Price: $4.99

Audiobus isn’t a standalone music production app, although it does allow you to record anything you play on a synthesizer. Its main draw is that it lets you connect all of your other music production apps to each other to make the most of all of their features. It supports a total of 750 music production apps and almost all of the other apps on this list. Audiobus can simplify your life if you’re serious about using mobile technology for music production.