This video of Pharrell and Chad Hugo may be old, but the gems that they lay down are more relevant than ever today. The multi platinum duo go through what steps a producer is starting out should take in order to be successful.

The first thing Pharrell mentions in taking piano lessons. This it so key, because so many people want to jump right into making and mixing music without having¬†any¬†understanding of music theory. You don’t need to become a proficient paino player, but you should have a good grasp on how keys, scales and chords come to together in all genres of music you wish to produce.

The next thing they recommend is starting out with a small DAW setup. Even though this video is from a decade ago, Pharrell and Chad understood the importance of starting out with a small home recording setup. They also touch on getting a good mic as well to add to your home studio.

One the major themes of this short video is the recommendation of starting small. The Neptunes duo speak repeatedly of not getting too advanced of system that will ovewhelm a new user. Chad even goes as far to attribute the limited 8 track recorder they started with to much of their future success, saying that it basically taught them how to be more creative and how to patch all their instruments to make things work.

Whether you’re just getting started in music production, or have been doing it for a few years, the information Pharell and Chad drop in this video is information we all should be taking to heart.